Correlation and Causation

• 66 percent of citedand/or stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no coverage, and noregistration for sas statistics vehicle. Of that number, 98 % are illegal aliens. 19In 2007, sas statistics Hillsboro County Florida Sheriff’s Officeinvestigated businesses that were providing illegal aliens with vehicle titlesand registrations, specially “buy here pay here” car lots. Authorities werelooking for capabilities fraud and unlawful exercise among those with alien statusto claim legal residency and valid driver’s license and use of stats help legitimateaffidavit records prove coverage. Two agencies were focused particularly: 98percent of sas information clients for one car lot who had processed automobile title andregistration paperwork were identified as illegally in sas facts United States, and90 % of sas data customers at sas records second dealership were unlawful aliens. Fursas information r research discovered use of fraudulent out of state driver licenses,in addition to fraudulent Mexican and Guatemalan driver’s licenses.